We are here for you!

With isolation continuing to separate us from visiting you at your home, or seeing you and your pup in our classroom, we are still here.  We know it is overwhelming to navigate how you can help your dog or puppy during this time.  But, be rest assured that our team has the tools you need to stay on track with training, socialization, and co-existing with your dog while working from home.

We are up and running with our virtual group classes, packages, private lessons, behavior consultations, and on-line tutorial videos and talks.  All you need to get started is internet and a screen with a camera and audio capability.

Join us on the virtual platform and still gain all the same personal, professional, and individualized care you are used to, with the same level of training you value.

Check out our virtual services, and get started today on your dog’s training success.

Here is our line-up of virtual support!

Behavior Consultations $175

Behavioral challenges can be overwhelming for any dog owner.  Even if the behavior is mild, behavior that compromises the quality of life for the dog or owner is an indicator that help is needed.  The importance of seeking professional guidance from a certified humane behavior consultant is crucial in identifying root problems, and to create a safe and effective lesson plan.

Our virtual behavior consultations include:

  • Initial phone intake and registration
  • 2 hour live trainer consult
  • Video review as needed
  • Recorded session
  • Emailed homework
  • Emailed educational handouts/video tutorials
  • Continued support via phone and email (unlimited)
  • Next step training plan guide/recommendations

Behavioral challenge areas we work with:

  • Aggression with dogs or people
  • Reactivity with people or dogs
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Separation anxiety
  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviors
  • Excessive barking
  • Marking
  • Fear
  • Anxieties
  • New adoptions
  • Puppy development/management/socialization

Private Lesson Packages

Virtual private lesson packages are available after you have completed the virtual behavior consultation.  This is where we put your training plan into action.

Private lesson packages include:

  • 2 live 30 minute coaching sessions per week
  • 1, 30 minute video review session per week
  • Tu – Fri training feedback via phone/email available daily
  • Recorded live sessions
  • Student FB group
  • Behavior reports

3 week pkg. - $285
6 week pkg. - $540
10 week pkg. -$850

Single Session - $100

(only available after consult)

If you are not ready for a package, and or would like to schedule lessons on an as needed basis, single sessions can be a great support.

Single sessions include:

  • 1 live, 1 hour coaching session
  • Video review
  • Homework
  • Recorded video session
  • Continued phone and email support (15 min per week)