One of the most important motivations for me as a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, is to provide accredited education to the public about dogs and dog behavior.

Dogs are an intricate part of many households and neighborhoods in the United States.  But even though dogs share in our everyday lives, there are misconceptions and debate about what proper dog care, handling, and training should look like.  Many of these misconceptions and debate is due to dog training being a non-regulated industry.  Dog owners and pet professionals are equally subject to navigate a wide array of training and behavioral advice provided by sources that unknowingly can be harmful both physically and mentally to dogs’.

Thankfully there are credible resources available to the public, and there are many of them.  Dogs are some of the most studied creatures on the planet, and there is decades of research backed by PhD’s and research teams in the field of dog behavior and training that can give sound and safe advice.  I personally feel that the more we as dog owners, dog enthusiasts, and dog professionals are better equipped with citable knowledge on dog behavior, we will all be able to have a better educated conversation about our dogs’ wellbeing.  I want for dog owners to feel confident in holding their dogs’ physical and mental health to a high standard, and feel confident that their dogs’ are never in need of force or pain to change or improve their dogs behavior.

To help you continue to learn more about your dog, and dog behavior as a whole, here are some of my favorite links for educated enlightenment.  These resources are intended to spark conversation with your family, friends, and your dogs’ pet care teams.  We are always adding more links and certainly welcome suggestions and questions.