Positively Good Manners 2


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Training is an ongoing process. In our Good Manners 2 course we will continue to improve your dogs’ good manners skills by introducing hand signals, leash walking games, increased distractions, stays with recalls, and working with props.  At the end of this session we showcase each students’ hard work on our graduation Rally Course.

Prerequisites Good Manners or equivalent

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Tuesday 11:30am (tba), Thursday 7:15pm (1/9 – 2/13, 3/5 – 4/9, 4/30-6/4, 6/25-7/30), Friday 11:30am (1/10-2/14, 3/6-4/10, 5/1-6/5, 6/26-7/31), Saturday 11:30am (1/4-2/8, 2/29-4/4, 4/25-5/30, 6/6-7/18)