Positively Dogs LLC is an exclusive force-free training organization that is committed to positive reinforcement methodologies and handling for both dogs and people. Our class curriculums and behavior modification plans are taught in an encouraging environment that is supported by accredited education, and motivated through our students’ success. We know that teaching dog owners the power of trust, reward, and clear communication is the only way to ensure dogs’ live longer and happier fulfilled lives with their people.

As a positive reinforcement training organization that is committed humane practices, we 100% do not use shock collars, prong collars, choke chains, intimidation, or fear as training tools.   Relationships can only be built on trust, and we only align ourselves with other pet care professionals that practice and promote humane pet care.

The most inspiring and fulfilling piece of training is watching dogs and people say, “I get it!!!” Seeing those light bulb moments happen for owners and their dogs creates unique communication that keeps people wanting to learn with their dogs.”

– Lindsey Reese