Positively Dogs LLC is an exclusive force-free training organization that is committed to positive reinforcement methodologies and handling for both dogs and people.  In short, we make training FUN!

Our training team is committed to scientifically based positive reinforcement training methods, where our CCPDT certified trainers follow the humane handling guidelines of LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive – Behavior Intervention Policy)  Our programs are designed to allow dogs to make choices throughout the training process.  We reward behaviors we want, teach new behaviors to be used in place of unwanted behaviors, and set dogs up to be successful through management.

As a family friendly training organization, our focus is training dogs to be comfortable members of their home environments, and we encourage all family members to be involved in the training process.  Yes, age appropriate kiddos included!  The tools and equipment we use when training puppies and dogs, are comfortable body harnesses, front clip harnesses, 4 – 6 foot length leashes, comfortable flat collars, and food/toys/play as rewards.  We 100% do not use shock collars, prong collars, choke chains, spray bottles, ultrasonic sound, intimidation, pain, or fear as training tools.

As committed professionals, we approach our training from a compassionate standpoint, where mental and physical-wellness are key.  We work closely with national rescues, foster groups, local veterinarians, and veterinary behaviorists in the Mid-Atlantic region.  We provide our students with thorough documentation and communication about their dogs training process, which can be shared with each owners pet care teams when needed.

We know that learning should always be fun, and we take pride in providing our students (both human and canine) with an encouraging learning environment where you can relax, and enjoy learning together.  We would love to meet you and your pup!  Come learn how to have a relationship with your dog that is built on trust, reward, and clear communication. Our team looks forward to meeting you!


Would you like to interview a trainer?  We encourage owners to interview trainers prior to signing up for any training program.  Here is a helpful questionnaire provided by the AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior) of interview questions.


The most inspiring and fulfilling piece of training is watching dogs and people say, “I get it!!!” Seeing those light bulb moments happen for owners and their dogs creates unique communication that keeps people wanting to learn with their dogs.”
– Lindsey Reese