Frequently Asked Questions

What training methods do you use and do you require all students to follow your methods?

We are a positive reinforcement training facility and do require our students to practice reward based training in our classrooms. We are passionate about teaching dogs and people and do not use aversive handling in our training approach.

If I have multiple dogs, can I bring more than one to class?

Yes. If you’d like to enroll 2 dogs from the same household, we can accommodate. Each dog just requires one person to work with them.

What equipment do you require your students to use?

Our students can use any one of the following tools which include flat collars, martigale collars, Easy Walk Harnesses, head harnesses, solid 4 -6 foot leashes, clickers, and food rewards.

If I miss a class can I make it up?

Of course. We want for each student to get the most out of their classes. If you miss a class, you can make up the week you missed in another session, or schedule a make- up private lesson for a reduced rate of $15.

What is a clicker?

The clicker is training tool that makes a CLICK sound which is paired with a small food reward. The click lets your dog know that they choose the correct behavior and the food reinforces the behavior.

Do I have to use a clicker forever?

No. The clicker is just intended to teach a new behavior. Once your dog learns the behavior on a verbal cue or hand signal, you will not have to use the clicker.

Why is clicker training beneficial?

The clicker is an easy way to let your dog know they choose the right behavior as soon as it happens. This helps support good timing and clarity to the dog, which also supports your dog to learn new skills at a faster rate.

What is positive reinforcement?

Positive Reinforcement utilizes reward to teach the dog something new. This ensures we offer the most support to our dogs to want to learn and continue to learn.

What if my dog interrupts class with barking or being out of control?

No worries. Especially when attending a new group class, the environment is exciting for most dogs. If needed, we use visual barriers to help dogs to learn to work around distractions. No dog is perfect, and we are prepared to help all our dogs attending our classes.

Can my family and kids come to class?

Of course! We love to involve the family with training and strongly support all family members to be involved with their dogs training.

How do I know if there are weather cancellations?

We are lucky to have an all indoor facility so we rarely have weather cancellations. But if weather impedes safe travel, we contact our students by phone. Students can also contact us directly at 443-481-7612, or the front desk of STAY, to inquire about weather cancellations.

What are typical items I should plan to bring to class?

The core equipment that our students use in classes are flat collars, Easy Walk Harnesses, and solid 4 -6 foot leashes. In addition, our students also come equipped with a variety of soft treats and of course the dog.

If my dog has food allergies, what other rewards can I use?

Not a problem. We have many dogs attend our classes that have food allergies or specialized diets. We have a list of recommendations that you can use for foods, and we also use toy rewards as needed.

If my dog poops in class will I fail?

Ha ha, not at all. Poop happens and so does pee. We have easy to clean floors and outside potty areas so no worries about potty fails in class.

Are reactive dogs or aggressive dogs allowed in group classes?

If your dog is experiencing more challenging behaviors, we will assess your dogs’ behavior prior to having you enroll in a group class. We want to make every training experience an enjoyable and successful one, so if a group setting is too stressful for your dog, we will create a training program to best accommodate your dogs’ needs.

How do I make a payment?

You can make credit card payments through our website, and we also accept checks or cash on site.

Can I attend a class before I sign up?

Of course! Just let us know which class you are interested in, and we’d love to have you sit in as our guest. We offer this service just for humans and are open to friends and family attending.

Are the classes handicap accessible?

Yes. Our classrooms are on a single level and on an open floor plan. If any of our students have specific needs toward your classroom experience, let us know and we will accommodate.

How do I know if my dog needs private lessons or group classes?

Just give us a call. We are happy to help you decide which program will best fit you and your dog.

Are there any breed restrictions?

No. All dog breeds are welcome.


Office: (443) 481-7612