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Grooming/bathing basics

Fri May 8th, 6pm

Join through our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/PositivelyDOGS/

As a former professional groomer, grooming was a skill I didn’t image to have as part of my repertoire of dog skills.  But basic grooming knowledge is one that every dog owner should know, and be equipped to navigate.  In this discussion I will help you navigate basic dog grooming by way of bathing tips, touch ups, and maintenance to get you though those down times between seeing your groomer.

Safest fencing options for dogs

Fri May 22nd, 6pm

Join through our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/PositivelyDOGS/

Have you been contemplating adding a fenced yard to your property?  Have you been comparing options of what style of fence can best accommodate your dogs size, demeanor, and your budget?  Let us help you narrow down your search where we will explore the pros, cons, and cost to provide safe containment for your dog.

Positive Leash Walking Equipment

Fri April 29th, 6pm

Join through our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/PositivelyDOGS/

If you have been looking for different leash walking equipment for your dog, but don’t know where to start, let us help you narrow your search.  Weather you are looking to reduce pulling, finding the right, and all the while maintaining your dogs comfort and mobility, we have options for you.  Join us to discuss the options that may be your dogs long term tool of choice.

Positively Dogs LLC is the premier positive reinforcement training facility in the Annapolis area.

We love dogs, and totally dig our dog loving students!  Our class curriculum’s are taught in an encouraging environment where people and dogs of all skill levels are welcome.  All of our instruction is supported by humane science-based training methods, and all of our instructors are certified with more than 30 years of combine experience.

Dogs love learning, and we love teaching.  Come learn how to use trust, reward, and clear communication to unlock your dog’s inner genius.

Virtual Lessons & Classes

We are up and running with our virtual group classes, packages, private lessons, behavior consultations, and on-line tutorial videos and talks. All you need to get started is internet and a screen with a camera and audio capability.

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Step One:

Contact us directly to discuss your training needs and schedule your lesson date/time.

Step Two:

Receive your training registration form, and return to your trainer prior to your lesson.

Step Three:

Log in with your trainer on your scheduled day/time.

Step Four:

The trainer will provide your training plan and will demo training exercises to coach you with your dog. Then the trainer will provide the next steps/homework/recommendations.

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